Wednesday, July 19, 2006

BlinkList Says No to Spammers - Bans over 2,000 Domains in 2 Days

Over the past week BlinkList got hit hard by spammers, far harder than ever before. One of the reason for the increased attention from spammers is that BlinkList continues to gain traction. As we see our visitors and traffic stats rapidly increase it is obvious that more and more of the bad guys will try to come after us.

However, one of the biggest new challenges that just emerged recently is that there are now automated tools that allow spammers to automatically keep submitting spam links into social bookmarking engines. That is just a shame but predictable just like there are lots of other spam tools available.

What have we done in response?

We dramatically improved our detection tools to capture spam and spammers and are deleting them from BlinkList. However, we did not stop there. To prevent spammers from coming back we have created a "BlackList" and we are now permanently banning domains.

The result:

- Since rolling this tool out just two days ago we have banned over 2,000 domains
- The quality of the content on our discovery pages has greatly improved

Fighting spammers is going to be an ongoing battle but fortunately the BlinkList community has been super supportive and they started even flagging spammers and tagging spammers as "worthless spam." In the future, we will give our community members additional tools to ensure that BlinkList remains spam free. These are still under wraps but should be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Thanks for all your help in kicking out the spam and spammers! We are determined to win this battle!
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