Thursday, March 30, 2006

Experience the Next Evolution in Blogging & Email

What willl the future of blogging look like? Here's a clue:

1. Your blog will be able to recognize who's looking at it and show only relevant posts. No more worries about your mom reading about your late night drinking sessions.

2. Your blog notifies friends and groups of interesting posts relevant to them. In New York for the weekend? Put up a message on your Blog and only your friends in New York get notified by mobile phone or email.

3. You can use your blog to send and receive email and text messages. Email itself becomes obsolete as a personal communications tool - communication with friends through blogs is so much easier.

4. Blog networks like Nomadlife can be created on the fly by people linking their blogs and posts together.

We're building the next evolution of blogging right now and it's called BlinkLife. We're seeking active bloggers as beta-testers who can help us improve and test a closed version of this cool new product. Since most of us are active on Nomadlife we'd like to invite other nomadlifers to be part of this test group.

Interested? Send your resume and nomadlife blog URL to Vishen (vishen (at) and we'll get back in touch with you. Be a part of the next evolution of blogging.

Blink It


Blogger Aaditya said...

I tried to register for the But whenever I filled the form I got a message to check the rules and regulation radiobox, in rality I did checked the box, I don't know what happened.

1:08 AM  
Blogger RajeshSegu said...

The bug already reported by Frank still exists. Please take care of this otherwise you are risking all your early adoptors.

Nice service, nice user interface, nice functionality, nice use-cases can make everything come to you. Just need to get there ...............

8:17 PM  
Anonymous whitewolf said...

I do get another error. When finished filling out the form and want to create the account, a message pops up saying to fill in the "username" field, which of course I already did.



4:01 AM  
Blogger CrazyKinux said...

Getting the same problem as whitewolf.

So I tried inputing the username at the top left (where you would do so if you were registered) and did not get the 'input username' error message, instead I got the "You need to check the box to accept the Terms of Service." error message.

7:15 AM  
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