Tuesday, June 27, 2006

BlinkList Empowers Community to Help in Fight Against Spammers

As BlinkList continues to grow and gain more traction we are starting to see more and more "bad guys" that are trying to abuse the system. While we believe that "people are basically good" there is always a few bad apples that will try to ruin everything for the rest of us.

However, we are committed to keep BlinkList spam free so that we can continue to have the freshest and most interesting discovery pages on the web.

To help us, the BlinkList community can now start to flag spammers by just going to the user page and clicking on "flag user as spammer."

Users that have been spammed will be reviewed and if they are spamming BlinkList their accounts will be immediately deleted. No worries, if you are a good user and get flagged by accident then your account is safe since every account that is flagged is reviewed before any action is taken.

We hope that together we can ensure that BlinkList will continue to be one of the single best places to discover interesting new articles, sites, and resources online. If you have not checked out the discovery pages in a while just go here to learn more about "ajax" for example.

So, lets get started and start flagging! It's actually quite satisfying. :-)
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

BlinkList Users Can't Stop Raving - Thank You!

I just wanted to sent out a quick thanks to the BlinkList community! You rock and make our day! Here is just a couple of the testimonials and user comments we have received over the past week:

First user comment:

"I like BlinkList more and more. I am blinking more seriously than before and I'm getting my QuickBlinks and tags sorted.

After having had a look at the other options (sorry ;-) I realized BL is actually the better choice and it exceeds all the rest in functionality, looks, intuitiveness, usability, etc. Even your community is anything but weak.

So, I'm staying, not purely because I 'like' your brand, also because it's the best around. Is that a compliment, ey?

Meantime, I'll do my bit in evangelizing BlinkList around here. If it's worth anything, you saw the replies to my post: people are definitely open to your product!

Good luck and talk to you later!"
Second user comment:

"Mike, I like Blinklist, I really do. I think it's one of, if not THE
most easy to use sites on the web. I don't use it every day, I use it
ever hour!

Merely a suggestion, but you know how Yahoo got del.icio.us?
And what's Google missing? A decent social bookmarks manager! ie:
Blinklist!" ~ Jonathan
Third user comment:

"I've tried more than half a dozen social bookmarking sites in the past. None have had the usability and features of Blinklist. It'll be a couple more months before all my bookmarks are uploaded, and of course, new ones added daily, but i just wanted to say: you guys rock!" ~ Anne
I cannot tell you how much the above feedback means to us! This is exactly what keeps us going and is what makes us work hard to keep making BlinkList better and better.

We just had a big strategy retreat (you can see pictures here) that helped us to create a much much more crystalized vision of BlinkList and the innovations and improvements that are on their way are truly getting us more and more excited. I personally sometimes have problems falling asleep at night because I just can't stop thinking about all the exciting things we have planned for BlinkList. Fortunately, we have a very vocal and active community that is helping us along the way.
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MindValley has a new office and website - Join us!

We have moved into a new office at Plaza Sentral, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. We have also redesigned our main company site and are now actively hiring new people to grow our development office.

If you would like to learn more about us here is three good sites to get started:

1) MindValley company site
2) MindValley ecommerce blog
3) MindValley social blog
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