Thursday, April 13, 2006

Loving Google Calendar

Google Calendar

If you have not yet tried the new Google Calendar, do so now! I am already loving it! I have been looking for a new online calendar solution for a over a year and now I have finally found a winner!

While I usually beat up on Google for many of their latest products, I am greatly enjoying their new online calendar! It works very very well!

Blink It

Monday, April 10, 2006

Top BlinkList Review: "BlinkList Whips"

Yesterday I came across one of the most glowing reviews of BlinkList! Obviously, that made all of us smile since the entire team works very hard at making BlinkList better and better.

Here is a little blurb from the review:

While on my quench for greener pastures, I tried out BlinkList and I was mind boggled to the core with it’s amazingness. Without doubt, I will proclaim that BlinkList is just the best Social Bookmarking site at present and is a site with a difference. Why? Read on to check out.

To get the full review click here


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