Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Discovering new fun and important web sites just got easier

We added a small but nifty little feature to BlinkList today. One of the things you can do on BlinkList is star (*) your favorite links. However, in the past, when you checked out another user account, you could not see his favorite links under a given tag. Well, that has just changed.

Now, when you are browsing on BlinkList's public tags or checking out another user, you will always see a star (*) in front of a link if any user (in the public view) or the user you are checking out, has starred a link.

How does this make BlinkList better?

Very easy, go to: "Public Ajax Links"

Now, as you browse through the most recent links, you can immediately see what links people find important enough to star via the yellow star. The same counts for other users. Whant to know my favorite links, just go to:

Mike's Tech Blogs

Now, instead of just seeing my most recent links under tech blogs, you first see which links I have starred (i.e. which tech blogs are my favorites). That makes it much easier for you to see what sites I deem important for a given tag. Such a simple little star has tremendous impact in helping users identify relevant and interesting content!

So, while this is a relatively small change, it really makes browsing on BlinkList much more enjoyable. I have to thank Garold, one of our power users for this awesome suggestions! Keep the ideas coming so we can keep making BlinkList better and better.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you clarify? Sorry, but i don't understand what you are saying......

1:19 PM  
Blogger Mind Valley said...

Sorry if my explanation was not clear enough. What we changed on BlinkList is that you can now see what links have been marked as "favorites."

If you already have a user ID, you will know that you can star your favorite links. So, if you now go and check out a public tag or another user, we have made that star visible. This way it is much easier to identify what sites are important.

11:32 PM  
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