Friday, August 05, 2005

Custumer says: "BlinkList is essentially the poweruser’s"

We got another great customer testimonial today. Here it is:

"The second thing you’ll notice is the new Blinklist feed on the side. Blinklist is a site very similar to in that it’s a social bookmarking network. Blinklist is essentially the poweruser’s, and it gives me a lot more tools to do what I want easily." Source

Tha amazing thing about the review is that the customer thinks of BlinkList as the poweruser's That is a huge compliment and I have to give all the kudos to our stellar team of developers. They have and continue to work magic on the site!

Plus, I am very happy to see that people are starting to use BlinkList for their blog / link roll. It certainly is a super easy and fun way to syndicate lists of links.

Another blogger also wrote:

"Just found an outstanding social networking tool. A lot easier to use than technorati. Blinklist - Gallop on over to the site." Source

Once again, I am super surprised because I never thought about BlinkList and Technorati as being in the same market. However, I guess our "public" page is turning out to be lots of fun to read and browse for cool / fresh new info.

To our community I say: Thank you for spreading the news about BlinkList and let us know how we can keep making the product simpler and more fun.


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