Thursday, July 21, 2005

Web 2.0 - Social learning in the 'blink' of an eye

Today I stumbled upon the single best review we have received to date of BlinkList. This was not only a stunning review because it was super positive, it was stunning because it was full of insights into the huge potential of "social software" and into how a site like BlinkList might help transform "social learning" and "social knowledge sharing."

Here are a few paragraphs from the review:

The passionate crew over at MindValley have joined the social software party with a new web-based rapid bookmarking and knowledge-sharing tool named BlinkList. A curious name that accurately describes how quickly and easily you can manage, add, share, tag, or syndicate your links in—well…in the blink of an eye!

Knowledge tags:
- MindValley has come up with a slick way to help you to maintain tagging consistency.

Tag management:
- The ingenious Tag Manager provides users with multiple ways to organize and view their BlinkList.

The social web:
- Just a simple click of the "BlinkRSS" button allows users syndicate tag content to a classroom blog, student portfolio, school website, aggregator--or any other site for that matter! BlinkList even provides the HTML snippet for you to pop into your website.

MindValley vs. THE GIANTS:
- The MindValley folks are clearly on the verge of something big with BlinkList. And while they are more than aware of the fight ahead of them, their infectious enthusiasm (in conjunction with their terrific product) is sure to propel them to the front of the pack.

I hope you are right that our passion and enthusiasm will be contagious and hope to win more users like you! Thanks for taking the time to write about BlinkList. To check out the full review click here

I honestly have never been more proud or excited about what our team is working on. This is going to be a fun ride! If you have not already, I hope you will give BlinkList a try!


Blink It


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