Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A valuable lesson in user adoption and migration

Here is a great article that was shared with me via BlinkList today. It pointed out a key learning that helped FireFox gain traction:

"It wasn`t until we implemented a very capable migration system in Firefox, which carried over the user`s IE favourites, cookies, history, passwords, etc, that regular people started moving over in serious numbers -- and staying (and bringing others over)."

It if funny how after posting and pondering about "defining the problem" Jiangti shared and article with me on BlinkList that helps us define what the key challenge / problem is we are currently facing. The funny thing is that Jiangti and I never talked about this.

I guess one could say this was a lucky coincident but do coincidents really exist or does one create them unconciously? I guess this could quickly get philosophical so lets just drop it for now.

The short answer is I don't know, but this is sure timely advice and there is a lot we can learn from this!

I think I know what we are going to be focusing on next! :-)


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