Monday, July 25, 2005

Thank you craigslist and Skype!

I just wanted to send out another quick thank you note to craig giving us, and I mean all of us, one of the single best websites online!

I am currently selling just about everything I own to get ready for my move to KL, and selling things on craigslist has been a breeze. I especially love combining Skype with craigslist. I recently became a SkypeIn customer (I now have a 415 number that rings on my computer) and listed my Skype number instead of my regular phone number on my craigslist listings.

Well, now I am officially even more hooked! What are the advantages of taking calls on a computer vs. a regular phone?

1) Having a GUI for your phone calls is wonderful. When you have lots of listings (I had over 10 at a time) you get a ton of calls. Well, on Skype you can listen to any voicemail message you want (vs. listening to them in order).

2) You can return calls by just clicking on one button. I mean talk about easy

Plus, if Skype were integrated with craigslist things would get even better.

1) People could just start a live chat with me. No more emails of "is this item still available."

2) Incoming calls could be tied to a specific listing. That way you know what listings drive what leads. This would be valuable information for any business.

3) If both parties would be talking PC-to-PC, then it is easy to open a chat window and just IM them a link of the address / location for example or additional pictures.

I think PayPer call and online presence is going to be a big deal. Not sure if for craigslist, but I am now hooked on making calls on the phone. Having a headset on is even better than holding a stupid old phone. You still have both of your hands free so you can continue surfing the web while you chat. :-)

Ahh... just love both of these sites.


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Blogger Derek Baird said...

Good insight there mike!

That’s a perfect example of combining different types of social software to meet an intrinsic need! There are all these great social software platforms out there—but we users tend to only use one at a time.

Imagine how much more powerful they could be if we started integrating them together! You cite a perfect example, craigslist+ skype. Then there’s Flickr + Google Maps (GeoTag). How about BlinkList + Flickr? Or RSS + just about anything!

Think of ALL the possibilities!!

;-) db

2:56 PM  
Anonymous SIP is the best said...

That's feature that all other softphone have. And most of other service provider have much better price.

3:42 PM  
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