Monday, July 25, 2005

Social bookmarking site BlinkList releases major improvements

Ask and you shall receive! We are happy to announce several major improvements to BlinkList that our dedicated community of users asked for and several improvements that you did not ask for but are already starting to embrace!

Here is the list of new features rolled out this Monday:

1) Importing of bookmarks

You can now import all of your bookmarks from FireFox or Internet Explorer. So, now you really have no excuse not to be using BlinkList. :-)

2) New auto-suggest script

We have developed and added a new autosuggest script that makes finding your personal and public tags even easier. The new "suggestions" are better sorted and the new underlining feature helps you move along even faster!

3) Improved sharing - contact list + auto-suggest

We have greatly improved the ability to share great links that you find with friends. Going forward, you only have to enter your friends email once. It is then stored in your BlinkList database and the next time you want to share a link we will automatically suggest the appropriate email address for you. It does not get much easier! This is now the single best way to blink articles, podcasts, or any other treasure you find online to your friends, even those that are not on BlinkList.

4) Blinklist live bookmarks for FireFox

You can now synch your blinklist account to your favorites in FireFox by using the live bookmarking feature. All you have to do is go to your personal account and click on whatever tag you want to synch in FireFox. Now click on the live bookmarks symbol at the bottom right of your browser to just synch the feed (tag) that you want. Voila, anytime you blink a new site for that given feed it will automatically show up in your (live) bookmarks in FireFox. In other words, your favorites get updated automatially! Sweet!

5) An easier new user guide

Finally we updated the new user welcome system so all new users will see their tag manager autofilled with some useful links on BlinkList help and tips. Hopefully this will make the system easier to use for newbies. Hopefully they will now get up to speed in the blink of an eye. :-)

Personally, there are soooo many more ways to use BlinkList but we don't want to overwhelm new users and want to just keep it simple and give users a chance to explore and discover new features as they get more and more drawn into the BlinkList community.

All I can say is WOW! I am very impressed with our development team and in particular with Jiangti. Anyone that knows me, knows that I expect the best and Jiangti continues to amaze us. Nicely done and thanks for the hard work Jiangti!

To the rest of you, please keep those suggestions coming! As you can see, we listen and try to move quickly to give our community what it wants and needs to make saving, sharing, and discovering new sites more fun and easier to do.

Happy blinking!


Blink It


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