Thursday, July 28, 2005

My AOL launch disappoints - where is the innovation?

Lately there has been a lot of noise regarding:
- MyYahoo
- MyGoogle
- (Microsoft's start page)

It looks like the launch / latest release of all these sites has been celebrated and every blogger and paper is writing about them. They are obviously going after RSS and news aggregators in a major way so that part is newsworthy. However, what I see is actually a lack of originality. While all of these sites are now offering RSS and give users the ability to customize their feeds and even move boxes around with some fancy click and drag javascript, I don't think this is all that exciting.

Ok, they are big improvements from the way things have been in the past. However, it begs two questions. First, why did it take so long to get here and second, why are all of these players just copying each other and not innovating further? I see little that is new, fun, and exciting.

Well, in any case, I think that is great news, because will just have to see if we can spice things up a little! Are we crazy enough to try to innovate in this space that is dominated and controlled by the titants! You better believe it. Will it go anywhere? We have no idea but passion goes a long way and why not have a little fun. :-) We have some ideas that we are working on so stay tuned. Will be sharing that with you shortly!


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