Friday, July 08, 2005

BlinkList adds multiple keyword and tag search filter

We added another improvement to BlinkList today. You can now filter your search results to narrow down your options. For example, if you are interested in all the sites that have been tagged under "funny" and "humor" you can now quickly filter your search results.

This is especially powerful because as soon as you start drilling into a given tag on blinklist we show you all of the related tags. Using the search filter, you can then quickly find exactly the type of information that you are looking for.

For example, say you are doing research on "Ajax." You can type Ajax into blinklist and it will show you the top 50 related tags. One of them is "pagination." So, if you want to find out how you can use and apply "Ajax" to "pagination" just filter your search results to get exactly the type of pages you need.

There are two ways to filter your search results.

1) Drill down. Start with one tag, then see what the related tags are and use the check box to further filter and refine your search.

2) You can also enter multiple tags into the quick tag access by using the "+" sign between the tags.

Either way, I hope you see how this can be far more powerful than Yahoo!'s directory. The related tags will always show you the top 50 most related tags defined by other users like you and not by some experts. This means that blinklist is far more scalable and relevant especially for new topics where there are no expert classification systems.

Hope you enjoy this new feature and please let us know your thoughts.


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Blogger Adam B. said...

Please don't spam my blog (See Here). At least read the post you're replying too and know what you're talking about before you do. You are dealing with fellow computer geeks who will see through it. Its cool that you guys are trying to start something, but don't lie to your future users about your "better" features. How about you actually develop something better than before you tell people that you are already better. Don't work against innovation.

Thank You.

2:08 AM  
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