Friday, May 20, 2005

The world goes gaga over Google

We are living in a momentum driven world. Why is it that currently anything Google does gets covered a million times with glowing reviews? Is it because people want a success story so bad? I guess everybody loves a good story but why loose all sense of objectivity?

Currently it seems that Google simply can do no wrong. Am I a Google fan? Yes, absolutely. I admire the company and the innovation it has unleashed upon the world. I love Gmail, I love Google maps, and above all I love the Google search engine. However, that does not mean that I love everything Google does.

It seems to me that currently they get applauded for doing anything no matter whether the product is great or poorly executed. After all, take a look at the GWA and MyGoogle. Are these breakthroughs? No by all means. They might be down the road, after all, we all know that Google does not stop innovating but they definitely do not deserve all of the attention they have been getting. Or if they deserve press, then it is negative and a critical look. Instead, the press is just nuts and gaga over Google.

First, GWA has some serious privacy issues and had a few defaults set that could disrupt whole web applications. MyGoogle, that is not even worth talking about. How hard is it to add a little bit of code and customization to a page? It is utterly unoriginal and yet it has gotten more press than most innovative new sites could ever hope for? Why? Well because it makes a good story. MyGoogle goes after MyYahoo! That is major news!

I guess at the end of the day, Google should try to milk its momentum for all its got. They definitely have an incredible PR engine. You have got to leave it to them. Congrats on getting applauded for doing something entirely unoriginal.
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