Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Google maps - clever site and brilliant marketing by Google

I thought this was pretty clever. Someone combined the Chicago crime reports with Google maps so you can see what crimes are being reported. You can browse by area, type of crime, date and hour. This could be pretty compelling for anyone moving into a new city.

I guess this shows one of the benefits of Google making their mapping engine easily accessible to developers. They can innovate much faster than Google can on its own. First we got craigslist plus Google and now this. I am sure there will be dozens of great new applications and sites emerging in the near future. It’s also a brilliant marketing strategy because Google gets a ton of free publicity that way. There are even sites devoted to spotting great images items via Google’s satellites images.

Here are the two sites:

1) Chicago


2) Google Sightseeing


Blink It


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